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Een moeder geeft haar kind weg, om het een levenskans te geven

De opstelling van Joanne had als centraal gegeven, dat haar overgrootmoeder, een zigeunerin, vanwege totaal geldgebrek om haar dochter van 4 te eten te geven, haar kind weggaf aan een vrouw, die wel de middelen had om haar kind op te voeden.

Family constellations

ZigeunermoederI'd said I didn't know
If you liked me
Too late to ask
Dead five years
The question haunted
Bore deep
Into my psyche
An un-grounding
Deeply profound

So when she asked
Does anyone
Have an issue?
I heard my voice say
To the room
To the world
My unthinkable question
And she chose me

4  generations brought forward
For me to work with
To place in the room
A room of my own
To feel their presence
My God, so amazing
Emotionally overwhelming
I could hardly breath

Great granny and the lady
I placed in the centre
Nana in one corner
And me in one too
And mama I put you
So alone in that corner
You couldn't see nana
She couldn't see you
The whole room cried
At gypsy great-grans dilemma
To give away her daughter
Her life blood disown

Poor nana
A life searching
For her mum
For her brother
She couldn't see
Her own daughter
Far too forlorn

Mama your sadness
Manifested as anger
And after anger
Such ill-health
You felt so alone
The unseen
The first born

So history repeated
You gave birth
To your daughter
With your anguish
What chance
Could we have?
You did your best job
But still such distance
Between mother and daughter
So terribly sad

Family constellations
Brought us all together
To say what we needed
To feel so loved
Reignite, re-acknowledge
Our powerful lineage
Amazing women,
With difficult choices
Hurt forgiven,
Silences forgotten

From this day
moving forward
In a lineage
Of gypsy love.

For mama, nana, great gran and my great gran gypsy lady. 
My darling Cate may you know us all through me.

Joanne, 14th August 2013

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